13 januari 2021

Frontendutvecklare med stark fokus på UI/Design

Frontendutvecklare med stark fokus på UI/Design

Our Customers´s ”Digital Experience” team is looking for a frontender to join the ux/design team and increase the quality of the services and experience of our products, ”searching, have a meeting and buying our product”

You need to be a experienced frontend developer in  react.js, CSS, HTML, javascript skills

And there create pleasant ui experiences, quality, creative solutions in frontend and work closely with ux/ui designers and be a bridge to dev-dept. Maybe link code to the dev team and existing episerver structure.

Interest in details, hovers, transitions and a smooth front-end experience with quality is the basis of the person we are looking for. Some benchmarking will be included and appreciated.

It will mostly be working with new parts and testing concepts and different solutions. The idea is that the experience and the code will then sometimes be ”ready” to implement in the backend, which in some cases means that ux/ui and frontend are fixed in detail with all responsive modes and devices checked, for example. And in other cases just a quick test with ”ugly code”.

Examples of initiatives that need design-focused front end:

+ New concepts

+ Brand new sites

+ New vision parts such as configurator, onboarding etc

+ Prototypes

+ Quick tests

+ Content hack / test on existing sites

+ Prototype new concepts for user tests

+ Promotions

Start: Now, 6 month or longer
Scope: 50 or 100%
Timer rate: 900sek

Hör av dig!

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