Tech Relations appoints consultants in 3 days

We are a proactive consultant broker

Tech Relations gives you access to the best consultants, fast. We are a Stockholm-based consultant broker with +3500 consultants in our network. We work with a large number of senior freelancers and over 70 consulting companies. We are focusing on senior developers. Revenue of 46 M SEK 2022.

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We appoint senior freelancers and employed consultant in 3 days

We have +3000 connected consultants and collaborate with the best consulting companies

We are experts in personalities focusing on matching the right personality to the right culture

Billo loves us!

I think Tech Relations is one of the most efficient agencies I have worked with. As soon as I started looking for IT-consultants, your agency was the first thing that came to mind. Super professional and super quick”

Oussama Bennis, CTO at Billo

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As a freelance consultant in search of client assignments, it is so important to find a partner who has a large network, really understands their customers’ needs and is also committed and knowledgeable in what my competence looks like. Diana and Tech Relations manage to combine all this with also being fantastically nice and professional to work with. Highest rating!

Anders Mars, senior .net developer & freelancer

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We appoint consultants in the following roles

  • Developers
  • App developers
  • UX / UI designers
  • QA / Testers/ Apptester
  • Project Managers
  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • DevOps
  • Business Intelligence

We are a consultant broker with 15 different customers who had a revenue of 22 M SEK 2020

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