Consulting assignments in Stockholm

Consulting assignments in Stockholm

Why work with us?

Good Relationships with our customers

We always have a good relationship with our customers and we have chosen to focus on the private sector in Stockholm.

We always do business directly with our customers without other intermediaries. (No purchasing departments)

Our customers usually have the roles Head of Development, UX-Managers, Digital Manager or CIOs.

We can find you an assignment in 3 days

We have been working with consultancy sales for 11 years so we have build a strong network of customers and great companies in Stockholm.
We just love sales and matchmaking!

Not only do we have a network of 3000 consultants, we also work closely with 15 customers in Stockholm, and more to come. Therefore we can find you a new assignment in 3 days.

Also we are experts in personalities and know quickly who suits in, in what company culture.

We simplify your life

We want to simplify your life by being your personal sales agent.

We help you create a better CV, and we always coach you before every interview. As well as following up during your  assignment.

We arranges all agreements, help you with time reporting as well invoices the customer.

We only charge 10% for every work hour in fees, which is standard in our industry. Also after 1 year of the same consultant assignment, we go from 10% to 5% in fees.

Tech Lead for an AI-project

“I can highly recommend Diana and Tech Relations. We began our collaboration in February when she found a Lead Developer-role for an AI project. The assignment was a perfect match for me and I got the assignment within 2 weeks. In addition, Tech Relations also handles invoicing and it is also smooth.”

Stefan Lindberg, Freelancer and .net developer /Lead

Way of working

Matching the right consultant, quickly - is our cup of tea! This is how we work to ensure that the consultant and customer find each other. When the consultant has started the assignment, we always follow up regularly and we also handle time reporting & invoicing.


As we know your culture and need, we can work proactive so you can save a lot of time


We look into our +2000 network and find the right match and personality for this particular assignment


We always check Linkedin references before we present a consultant CV


We know how important it is to prepare the interview, therefore we always spend time in coaching the consultant


We always handle price negotiation, agreements and invoicing so you can spend time on other things

We usually appoint the following roles

  • Developers
  • App developers
  • UX / UI designers
  • QA / Testers
  • Product Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineers
  • Scrum Masters
  • DevOps

The perfect Product Owner to Nobia

“I can highly recommend Tech Relations and Diana. She was able to proactively help us find the right Product Owner to fit our business and current needs. We got to meet Kalle, who we immediately liked and who started within 4 days.”

Malin Nilsson, Head of Program & Digital Products på Nobia

Join our consultant network

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