Why you should work with us

Why you should work with us

Good relationships with our consultants

With over 12 years of experience in consulting sales in Stockholm, we have created good relationships and high credibility among our connected consultants and consulting companies.

Our partners want to work with us and we can guarantee you the best consultants, fast.

This means that we can quickly help you with the best consultants within 3 days.

We grow our network based on your consulting needs

We always ask about our  customers’ upcoming consulting needs, so we can grown an relevant consultant network. Therefore we can always help you.

Today we have over 3500 consultants in our network.

For example, if you will have a need of Java developers with cloud experience, we will actively look for more freelancers and consulting companies with this expertise, and who also have the right personality, for your team.

We are experts on personalities

After all, we know that it is ultimately the personality that decides whether or not it will be an appointment. Trust us when we say that we are experts in personalities.

Everything is about matching the right personality to the right corporate culture, and we can do this within 3 days.

Wasa Kredit likes us

“For me who like transparent partnerships, it has been a pleasure to hire Diana at Tech Relations. In my previous role at Wasa Kredit, Diana helped with a consulting recruitment of a senior developer. Diana was keen to understand what we wanted with the recruitment and then matched profiles that matched our wishes well. Whenever there were a question marks, she was quick to straighten them out and I therefore felt safe as a consultant buyer”

Åsa Fogelin, former Head of Development at Wasa Kredit

Way of working

Matching the right consultant, quickly - is our cup of tea! This is how we work to ensure that the consultant and customer find each other. When the consultant has started the assignment, we always follow up regularly and we also handle time reporting & invoicing.


As we know your culture and need, we can work proactive so you can save a lot of time


We look into our +2000 network and find the right match and personality for this particular assignment


We always check Linkedin references before we present a consultant CV


We know how important it is to prepare the interview, therefore we always spend time in coaching the consultant


We always handle price negotiation, agreements and invoicing so you can spend time on other things

We appoint consultants in the following roles

  • Developers
  • UX / UI designers
  • QA / Testers
  • Requirements Analyst
  • Product Owner
  • Project Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Engineers
  • Web Analyst
  • Scrum Masters
  • DevOps

Tech Relations is everything you want from a consulting broker!

Tech Relations is everything you want from a consulting broker! Diana has a professional and personal appearance with a great commitment to both the consultant and the client. It shows in the good contact she has with both parties and her ability to be sensitive and through it create business where all parties are winners. My collaboration with Diana and Tech Relations is something I look at long-term and she has my warmest recommendations.”

Fredrik Öhrn, Team Lead/ .net developer & freelancer

Petter Stordalen likes us

“Strong drive, always positive approach and genuine customer focus characterize Diana and Tech Relations. By precisely understanding our needs, and by quickly delivering strong candidates, Diana has many times saved our continued development. Diana is easy to work with in all situations, I highly recommend Diana. ”

Martin Belak, Head of Development at eBerry (part of Nordic Choice Hotels)

Some of our customers